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Future-proofing Australia's Financial System   The Marketplace: Renewable Energy Investment   Transforming India's Tech Landscape
The Marketplace: World Capital Markets Symposium 2015   Time To Reinvent Thai Policies Amidst A Political Lull?   Is There Hope After the Emerging Currency Rout?
The Marketplace: Landbay   Caption: What Causes an Economic Crisis?    


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Najib says FinTech deservers
full support


How Malaysia is being impacted by
global votality


Why Thailand's economic development is at a crossroad

Growth in India what will move
the country forward
Pasaran modal tempatan kekal
berdaya tahan
UK's Ashdown says China's setback
is temporary

Marc Faber on Investing in
'Manipulated Markets'
Nomura Positive on U.S. Healthcare,
Consumer Sectors
Crowdfunding pacu sektor teknologi

Outlook of developed economies
Better jobs data won't spell higher
Simposium Pasaran Modal Dunia


12 September Focus Malaysia - Fintech to benefit consumer and SMEs (pdf)
7 September New Straits Times - Betting on Asian Stocks (pdf)
7 September Berita Harian - Perlu bijak urus fintech (pdf)
6 September New Sunday Times - With experience comes resilience (pdf)
4 September New Straits Times - Positive local market trend to continue (pdf)
4 September Malay Mail - Najib lauds market, regulatory reforms (pdf)
4 September StarBiz - Fund-raising activities to slow down this year (pdf)
4 September New Straits Times - Economy fit to weather storm (pdf)
4 September New Straits Times - Corporate pressure mounts as Asean nears single-mart goal
4 September The Sun - SC: Confidence in market still strong (pdf)
4 September Malaysian Reserve - Full Speed Ahead (pdf)
4 September Berita Harian - Pasaran modal kekal positif (pdf)
4 September Berita Harian - Kedudukan Malaysia kukuh hadapi krisis (pdf)
4 September Utusan Malaysia - Malaysia bentuk aFINity@SC (pdf)
4 September Utusan Malaysia - Pasaran Modal Masih Sihat (pdf)
4 September Berita Harian - aFINity@SC tingkat kesedaran potensi sektor fintech (pdf)
3 September StarBiz - WCMS forum to focus on Fintech (pdf)
3 September   SC Launches aFINity@SC at World Capital Markets Symposium 2015
9 January Making Common Cause
26 December Can Ethics and Business Mix?
25 November The Rising Socio-Economic Impact of Board Failures
22 November Turning The Tables on CNN's Fareed Zakaria
29 October ASEAN Economic Community 2015 - Will It Work?
28 October Fasten your seatbelts – Asia and the rest of the world await more market volatility
next year as Fed wrestles with tapering strategy and timing
28 October No good in bailouts, says ex-chief of US regulator
27 October Fareed, the global polymath
24 October Pettifor: Onus on regulators to manage rates
24 October Malaysia should focus on human development
24 October Malaysians dictate market valuation
24 October Ekonomi 2014 dijangka lebih baik
24 October Struktur dasar fiskal perlu pembaharuan
21 October                  Winds of Change
1 October SC Brings Together Global Thought Leaders at Third World Capital Markets Symposium
27 September  At A Turning Point
28 September   Right balance of market integrity and competitiveness needed
29 September   Asian economies to keep growing
29 September   Malaysia could attract venture capitalists
10 August  The Way Forward
11 August   Have mechanism to manage global capital inflows
11 August   Regulators to the fore
12 August   Financial sector needs to regain market trust