World Capital Markets Symposium

About Us

The Securities Commission Malaysia hosts a biennial World Capital Markets Symposium or WCMS, a platform that promotes informed debate by global opinion leaders, policy makers, influencers, domain experts and market leaders on the big questions confronting us today – creating value, promoting sustainable, inclusive growth, jobs and societies in transition.

Since its debut in 2009, the Symposium has attracted over 1,000 delegates from more than 30 countries. It is a flagship event in the region. WCMS has hosted some of the world’s most prominent thought leaders including Dr Raghuram Rajan and Haruhiko Kuroda; Nobel Laureates Paul Krugman and Nouriel Roubini; prominent economists Dr Laura Tyson, Dr Mark Mobius and Dr Montek Singh Ahluwalia; entrepreneurs Jimmy Wales and Timothy Draper. The most recent WCMS in 2013 saw the participation of, amongst others, Dr Fareed Zakaria, Lord Adair Turner, and The Honourable Sheila C Bair.



WCMS 2015 will take place on 3 – 4 September 2015 in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The theme is Markets and Technology: Driving Future Growth Through Innovation focusing on how new digital technologies are fast changing how value is being created and distributed as entry barriers across many industries and markets are being lowered through increasingly inexpensive and capable mobile computing devices and internet connectivity. Today’s digital transformation has brought about rapid innovation and coupled with a global marketplace that is highly interconnected, start-ups like UBER, Airbnb, Nutmeg, Lending Club, Funding Circle, the Khan Academy etc. have changed the way in which people travel, save, eat, pay, lend, learn and more. To stay relevant in today’s competitive marketplace, established players in every business segment find they also need to reinvent and reimagine business strategies by leveraging technology to defend or win new market share.

And nowhere has disruptive technology had a more profound impact than in financial services. Financial Technology (FINTECH) has raised the bar in terms of customer experience and expectation across the financial services industry. The increased popularity and adoption of social, digital and mobile channels has transformed, even upended, the traditional finance space the most. Disruptive innovation, particularly in the wholesale and retail sectors have created new propositions that are helping to provides a broader, more inclusive, customer-centric products and services in areas ranging from asset management to loans and payments.

WCMS 2015 promises a strong line-up of speakers that will explore how technology is fast changing the way organisations and firms deliver value to their end customers and how regulatory responses should be framed to facilitate technological innovation while protecting consumers and investors. There will also be discussions on what kinds of eco-systems (including leadership, talent, regulation and infrastructure) that will be needed to foster innovation in response to the many challenges that markets and societies face today.